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We are an IT and project management consulting company that provides superior services nationwide. We specialize in IT disciplines across numerous platforms and industries. We pride ourselves on our stellar short and long-term project-based consulting, staff augmentation, permanent placement, and executive placement.

we're built on three foundational pillars

Our primary focus is to be experts in the human side of enterprise.  Whether your company needs include recruiting new team members or retaining the ones you have, we have solutions and expertise to help.  And if you're in the market looking for one of those opportunities, we're here to help in your career search.



staff augmentation

Direct Hire

executive placement

contract / contract to hire

Utilize our specialized and very well-connected recruiting team that gets to know you, the client, your tech environment, and your company culture, so they can provide your team with the best possible match for your next full-time employee.

Finding and retaining top leadership can be a strategic game changer, and confidentiality is crucial. In addition to our pipeline of qualified executive level candidates we also seek out and successfully place top talent across the entire C-suite range in every type of industry, from start-up to Fortune 100, both public and private.

When the need arises, utilizing a consultant or a contract-to-hire strategy can produce both short-term results and a long-term employee that has a proven track record in your environment.

Short-term staffing solutions to get you through seasonal work and the peaks of your project demands.







Partnership performance – we value our clients as true partners and collaboration with the right partners unlocks results that neither party could attain by themselves. Transparency, open reciprocal communication and running towards issues all lead to mutual trust and respect and a successful partnership. We want to get to know you, learn your tech stack, what works in your culture and what doesn’t work so we can hone in on targeted alignment.

Recruiting performance is measured by happy candidates, happy hiring managers and repeat business – all of which we know a lot about.  We believe in quality over quantity.  We invest the time in thoroughly vetting candidates for not only technical qualification but to make sure that candidate will be a good fit in your environment.

Project performance - Utilize our services to help establish a project office, develop a project methodology, or get a project back on track.  We can help find the specialized resources you need to successfully execute your most critical projects and keep your project strategy running smoothly.

Targeted coaching for high potential and key management personnel. Resume and LinkedIn profile suggestions and guidance to ensure a good first impression.  Employee engagement, training, and performance management solutions to transform your culture to retain your top talent and reward your teams.



our vision

our mission

our strategy

our promise

We exist to help people do their best work through the superior delivery of people by cultivating relationships built on trust and providing performance solutions backed by reliability and purpose.

Before all else, we will demonstrate that we care the most, work the hardest, and tirelessly deliver. We do this by helping our clients become successful, winning organizations, and proving to our executives and candidates that Covenant is here for them in good times, bad times, or just transitional times.

Care the most, tireless delivery, always honest, right wrongs, and run towards problems. This approach will earn Covenant Consulting 'Purposeful Work’ that will broadly and deeply drive our brand identity, reputation, and economic success.

To be the most sought-after and effective consulting company creating a lasting impact on lives everywhere.

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